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Prizba pages propose selection of the apartments in Prizba and the apartments on Korcula island. With its unique landscape of the most indented coast of the island of Korcula Prizba can offer the accommodation in the apartments direct at the sea and near the beaches also suitable for children.

Here you can find the apartments accommodation, book the apartment, find an information about Prizba and Korcula. Images of the summer resort Prizba, place Blato, bay of Vela Luka, town of Korcula and the apartments you can see in the images gallery. We also provide detailed information how to reach Prizba and the island of Korcula with descriptions, images, maps and links to the pages with ferries sailing schedule.

Staying here in a summer or a winter times is a vacation. A mythical islets which surround the coast of Prizba among their pine trees hide romantic secrets.

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Korcula Prizba Apartments

Apartment in Prizba, island of Korcula:

Andreis upstairs apartmentComfortable apartment for 4 persons. It is fully equipped in bedrooms as well as in the kitchen including a dish washing machine. This apartment has a wide terrace with a sea view. Users of this apartment can use a grill which is situated in the yard near the house.
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Prizba - island of Korcula

    Prizba is a summer seaside resort which is situated on the south side of the island of Korcula. Prizba spreads 5 kilometres along the island of Korcula coast, starting from the bay of Grscica and to the small peninsulas Priscapac and Vinacac (take a look to the map). It consists of several bays and one picturesque peninsula called Ratak. There is several restaurants and shops in this area. The shops are well equipped and in the restaurants you will find a first class offer of all Korcula's specialties: fishes, meat, vegetables and vines.

    The best part of Prizba are four little islets. (Vrhovnjak, Sridnjak, Crklica i Stupa). They are situated 800 meters in front of the island of Korcula coast. These islets are uninhabited and they are covered with pine trees with many nice places for swimming and enjoying in the sun or resting in the deep shade of the trees. There also can be found specialties which can be consumed direct from the sea, delicious shells and  sea urchins.

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Other interesting places near Prizba - island of Korcula

An islets just a few hundred meters from the coast is ideal for enjoying in the untouched nature. You will find there interesting stone coast drawn by the waves abrasion, nice places to swim in the green and blue colored bright sea. This diamond green color, sea gets from the pine trees which surround an islets coast.

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